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NEXT LEVEL LEADERSHIP MASTERCLASS is uniquely designed for an array of audiences, inclusive of entrepreneurs, pastors, corporate management, and support staff.  


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"Pastor Steve’s lessons and instructions were instrumental on teaching us how to be supportive, “load lifting” leaders.  When we made the shift to pastoring, we had to learn how to develop others to be load lifters. 

Pastor Steve, Lady Sylena and the NLL team continues to bring increase to our leadership skills by giving us the tools needed to Climb and Build.  We are eternally grateful."

"Pastor Steve was able to break the mold and get me to reflect on where I’ve been and to fine tune my approach and focus on my now and my future.  After Next Level, I was able to exponentially broaden the bandwidth of my educational consulting business. Instead of accepting every offer that came my way, I became more aware of my purpose and now only accept contracts from clients whose asks are in direct alignment with my vision." 

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"Next Level Leadership was a game changer for me. As a Teacher/Coach/Content Lead at a charter school, it was beneficial to learn how to become a stronger leader and build a strong productive team. Pastor Steve is an exceptional teacher and his sessions gave me all the right tools to become a better leader both professionally and personally.  I highly recommend Next Level Leadership to anyone who is looking to propel into their next level."

"As a leader within the corporate sector, I was struggling with finding the significance of my role and that of my team while being confronted with the drastic changes relative to ‘how we work’ in response to the pandemic. 

Since Next Level I have been able to change my mindset, move into areas of focus of which are stretch goals or tasks; take risks and try something new; move into an area outside of my comfort zone and knowledge base AND be exposed to better, as this is God’s will."

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Next Level
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